Book Review Review Assignment

A book review is both a description and an evaluation of a book and should focus on the purpose, contents, and authority. Include and label each of the following sections in your review:

Brief Authorial/Historical Background
What is important about the author and/or historical context in relation to the book? (think about the Harper Lee example)

Rhetorical Style Analysis
Title: What does it suggest? Is it appropriate? Does it add meaning?
Tone of the book: Refer to tone words. Provide examples from the text to prove your point.
Purpose: Why did he/she write it? Was it effective? Why or why not?
Rhetorical devices: Diction, detail, imagery, figurative language,structure, etc.

Published Reviews
Provide your own critique of at least 2 reviews with MLA citations. The reviews need to be divergent in some way.
>Find a negative and positive review of your book OR
>Find a well-written and poorly written review OR
>Find a review that focuses on one area/point and another that focuses on another OR
>Find a logical and an illogical review of your book.
*Label these reviews with a brief explanation regarding how they differ.

Importance of the Book
Were there any benefits of reading the book? Did you learn any lessons?
Were you able to make any personal connections with the content or the author?