Classical Argument:
Present an argument in classical format. Argument should be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. No page/word limit, but argument must be at least six paragraphs. Include information from at least three scholarly sources and cite them using MLA format. Works Cited list should appear in alphabetical order with reverse indentation (first line is left justified and all others are indented).

Classical Argument Proposal Name:

Organizational Plan for an Argument with a Classical Structure (pg.61)
Introduction: Attention grabber (memorable scene, quote, statistic, question, narrative, etc.)
Explanation of issue and needed background
Forecasting passage
Thesis statement (claim)
Thesis statement:
Attention grabber:

Presentation of Writer’s Position: Main body, presents and supports each reason in turn
Each reason is tied to value or belief held by audience
Reason One:

Reason Two:

Reason Three:

Summary of Opposing Views: Should be fair (not biased) and complete
Opposing View:

Response to Opposing Views: Refutes (shows weaknesses) or concedes (shows strengths) to opposing views
Response to Opposing View:

Conclusion: Brings essay to closure, sum up argument (without repeating)
Leaves strong last impression
Often calls for action or relates topic to larger context of issues
Can close with narrative, stat, quote, answer to previous question, etc.